Nutrition as Nature Intended

Whole-Food Broad-Spectrum Vitamins & Minerals in their naturally existing complex forms

100% Plant-Based • Naturally Bioactive • Certified Organic


  The Evolution of Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrients in Nature

In nature, vitamins and minerals don’t exist in isolation. They exist as foods. Fruits, vegetables, and botanicals deliver their nutrients in complex packages that are naturally optimized for our metabolism.


Vitamins and minerals found in foods come with their own enzymes, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, and other natural cofactors that help the body to absorb and use them effectively.

Science Steps In

Evolutions in science and technology have made it possible to chemically isolate, and even synthesize, individual vitamins and minerals in the lab. These synthetic, isolated vitamins and minerals have some practical advantages. They are easy to manufacture, cheap, and can be offered at high potencies.


But there’s a problem: the body doesn’t metabolize isolated nutrients the same way it does whole food nutrients, which means isolated nutrients are less bioavailable. Even worse, they can have unexpected negative health consequences.


Science now confirms what Nature knew all along: whole food-derived nutrients are best.

Back to Nature

At Orgavitaz, we’ve come full circle. We’re now using science to preserve the intelligence of nature and serve it up whole.


Orgavitaz offers vitamins and minerals as organic whole food complexes, with all their nutrient cofactors intact – just as they exist in nature. Our ingredients are not single chemical entities. They contain multiple vitamers along with carbohydrates, protein, fats, and phytonutrients – the way the body likes them.

Orgavitaz Whole Food Complexes

100% Plant Based

Our vitamins and minerals come from organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and lichens, with nothing chemically added or taken away. They are not synthetic vitamins fortified with whole foods – they are real, whole food-derived vitamin complexes.

100% Certified Organic

Our ingredients are cultivated on our own certified organic and biodynamic farms and wild-picked from organic forests. We use proprietary organic processing techniques to retain the full nutritional profile of the raw ingredients.

Naturally Biotransformed

We use only natural bio enhancers – including proprietary plant-based solvents, plant-based enzymes, and beneficial microbes – to produce standardized vitamins and minerals.

Clean & Natural

Our vitamin and mineral whole food complexes are completely free of chemicals and synthetics. We use no artificial fillers, binders, carriers, or excipients.


Even most naturally sourced vitamins are chemically stripped down to a single vitamer. Our vitamins and minerals are delivered in their natural broad-spectrum whole food forms, together with all their nutrient cofactors, which helps the body easily recognize, metabolize, and absorb them.

Minimally Processed

Our ingredients are processed just enough to achieve the desired standardized amounts of vitamins and minerals – without compromising their whole food nutritional value.

100% Vegan

All our vitamins and minerals are sourced from plants – including those that are hard to find in vegan form, such as vitamin D3 and vitamin B12.

Benefits of Orgavitaz


Orgavitaz vitamins and minerals offer the nutritional benefits of a diverse, plant-based diet in a safe and convenient form.


Whole food nutrients can help fill important nutritional gaps without risk of toxicity or other health issues associated with high-potency chemical isolates.


Whole food complexes deliver a broad spectrum of bioactive nutrients and co-nutrients that are easily metabolized and provide multiple health benefits, including:

True to Nature

Many vitamins on the market claim to be “natural” – yet their natural forms have been altered almost beyond recognition. A vitamin that has been chemically reduced to a single vitamer and stripped of its nutrient cofactors is no longer a true whole food nutrient, even if it once came from a food.


Removed from their whole food context, isolated nutrients are not recognized by the body as food. Not surprisingly, studies show these isolates often have lower bioavailability and efficacy.


Many vitamin manufacturers try to compensate for this low bioavailability by increasing the potency. But more potent doesn’t mean more effective. In fact, research shows that high-potency isolated nutrients can be dangerous.

For example: vitamin E is typically sold as isolated alpha tocopherol. But in nature, vitamin E complex has 8 isomers, not just one, and they all have important functions. When the body receives a high dose of alpha tocopherol by itself, it displaces its cousin gamma tocopherol – another important antioxidant with cardioprotective benefits.


Studies have linked high doses of alpha tocopherol with an increased risk of heart disease. Yet higher intake of dietary vitamin E, which is abundant in gamma tocopherol, is associated with lower heart health risk.


We think Nature had it right the first time. That’s why Orgavitaz offers vitamin E complex as total tocochromanols (tocopherols + tocotrienols), the way Nature made it.


Our whole food vitamins and minerals are naturally complete and bioavailable – just like the fruits and vegetables they come from. That’s what we call true to Nature.

Orgavitaz Offerings

Orgavitaz offers a comprehensive range of whole food complex nutrients, including all individual vitamins and minerals, as well as multivitamins for women, men, and kids. All are certified organic and 100% plant-based.


Orgavitaz Components

Sunflower Seeds and Holy Basil
Green Tea
Sunflower Seeds
Curry Leaves and Green Tea
Amla, Moringa, Carrots
Shiitake Mushrooms
Parsley and Curry Leaves
Shiitake Mushroom and Holy Basil