About Us

Innovation and Technology

RNP-Nutrition is a Nutrition-sciences innovation and technology facilitating company. We help our clients with global strategic partnerships in developing and producing Active Natural ingredients. We aim to prevent nutrition-based medical conditions through plant-sourced nutrients.

Research in our Core

We research, discover and produce new plant-sourced ingredients in-house. We are working with scientists in India and in The Philippines to conduct Clinical Trials on all our proprietary ingredients.

Worldwide Services

Our Global Office is in Montreal, Canada, from where we manage USDA regulatory, certifications and the technical support for our North-America clients. Our representative office in France, as well as our 2 distributors, in France and in United-Kingdom, manage E-U regulatory, certifications and the technical support for our European clients.


Our Research and Development Offices


Vitamins and Minerals


Coconut Proteins and Fibers