Feed the Good Within

Digestive wellness is the key to good health, and getting enough fiber is vital for optimal intestinal function. Most people eat just half of the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber daily that supports healthy digestive balance. Coconut Prebiotic fiber, a unique fiber sourced from delicious coconut makes it easy to get the extra fiber into your diet. Coconut is naturally one of the highest fiber plants, containing 5 times the fiber of oat bran, but with more versatility. Coconut Prebiotic fiber also includes digestive enzyme that support healthy digestion and helps to balance blood sugar.


Coconut Prebiotic fiber is free of a naturally occurring compound in many high fiber foods called Phytic acid. Present in many high fiber foods, Phytic acid binds to minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc, preventing their absorption. By being naturally Phytic acid free, Coconut Prebiotic fiber allows you to maximize mineral absorption and reach your daily fiber needs.


Digestive enzymes are naturally made by the body, but many people do not produce enough due to stress, age and other factors of modern living. The human body only has the enzyme to break alpha-bond in food, but does not have the necessary enzyme to break down beta-bond molecules. So Coconut Prebiotic fiber helps to break down the beta-bond cellulose for releasing trapped nutrients. Coconut Prebiotic fiber promotes the growth of helpful bacteria in the gut. When it is digested, it releases Short Chain fatty Acid (SCFA) which contain Acetate, Propionate, Butyrate, thus making colon healthier.


Go directly to the source of health and revitalize your gastrointestinal system with Coconut Prebiotic fiber.

  • 100% prebiotic and fermentable fiber

  • Gentle, easily digested fiber from 100% pure coconut

  • Naturally free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and other common allergens

  • Delicious Tropical Coconut flavor

  • Nothing Added, Nothing Artificial

  • Vegan and Low Glycemic

  • Convenient, Versatile and Easy to Use

Special Properties

  • Coconut Prebiotic fiber keeps energy levels steady and stable
  • Helps to reduce the Glycemic index (GI)
  • Contains digestive enzymes for fundamental digestive support
  • Excellent source of unique Prebiotics – a food source for probiotics
  • Improves digestion and regularity and boosts immunity
  • Free of Phytic Acid that bind to minerals – supports mineral absorptions

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